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Veterans honored Tuesday in Gilchrist County


Bell High School JROTC

Dressed in a red, white and blue striped t-shirt and blue jeans, the little boy stood in the back of a pickup truck on Tuesday morning waving a small American flag just as hard as he could.
As the Veteran’s Day parade rolled down US 129 in Bell the little boy was one of many local residents dressed in patriotic colors and waving from the side of the highway.
Veterans rode on floats, or tailgates, some even walked along the parade route as spectators waved and cheered.
The annual Veterans’ Day Parade was sponsored by the Town of Bell, Gilchrist County Historical Society, Gilchrist County Veterans Service and ForVets, Inc.
Earlier in the day, veterans were invited to attend a complimentary Veteran’s Day Breakfast, hosted by the Gilchrist County Woman’s Club.
At the breakfast, Jessica Norfleet, outreach coordinator for Congressman Ted Yoho offered the following remarks on behalf of Rep. Yoho.
“I want to offer a humble thank you to all our veterans here today. There is no higher honor than to serve one’s country. Your dedication to freedom, your courage to protect our country in times of war and peace, and your selfless work to preserve our liberties are the reasons America still stands today as a great nation.”
Yoho continued, “From the battlefields of the Revolutionary War, to the jungles of Vietnam, to the far off deserts in the Middle East, our veterans have put their lives on the line to protect our homeland. This day and every day we must remember the brave men and women who selflessly left their families and shipped off to war to stand for something more than themselves. Today we remember our fathers, our sons, our brothers, our mothers, our daughters, our sisters and our neighbors who fought and still fight to defend freedom.”
When America called, veterans answered, Yoho wrote. All total, the state representative said there are over 120,000 veterans living in Florida’s Third District, which includes Gilchrist County.
“It is clear that the people of Trenton honor and respect our military men and women,” Yoho stated. “Today, in a world where terrorists try to torment us with fear, it’s important to take time to remember the courage of our soldiers still deployed around the world. To all our veterans here today I would like to say thank you for your service, sacrifice and honorable perseverance. War is not easy, nor quick to bring closure. We are grateful for your willingness to put your lives on the line for the nation we all love.”