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Gilchrist Sheriff’s Volunteers hoping to grow

The Gilchrist Sheriff’s Volunteers represent a group of volunteer individuals working under the authority of the Gilchrist County Sheriff to assist the Sheriff’s Office in non-emergency tasks with the end result of community service.

Our activities assist the patrol deputies allowing them to provide more essential service to our community. However minor the assist, the end result provides a larger window for operations by the officers. Members are trained after joining the organization for various activities.

Trained individuals’ various duties include patrol, traffic control and direction, funeral escort services, school crossing guards, dependant resident visitation, special event security and observation and participation in our annual Thanksgiving Drive to feed those less fortunate during the holidays.

Our present membership consists of 15 active members with 6 supplied patrol vehicles. With this group of people, we provide approximately 2,200 hours of service and log in over 30,000 miles of patrol annually. This, along with requests from the Sheriff’s Office, keeps the group busy. The Sheriff provides our equipment, vehicle operational fuel cost and maintenance, and all of our training. Funds are solicited for the Thanksgiving project and some contributions assist volunteer operations.

We are a proud group of folks who work tirelessly to support the Sheriff in his “One team, one Mission”  statement policy along with providing community service as needed.

Not only do we wish to reintroduce ourselves to our community, we wish to invite you to participate in this rewarding activity.

Our monthly meetings are at the Sheriff’s Office on the first Tuesday of each month at 6 PM, where you can meet the group, begin your application process if you desire and share fellowship with other volunteers.

Please consider service to community, visit our organization and help us meet the obligation of “One Team, One Mission”

You may attend a monthly meeting, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 352-463-3410 or Ron Mills at 352-443-0571 for more information.

Ron Mills Director

Gilchrist Sheriff’s Volunteers