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Scholarship Showdown a fun event for Supporters

A large group of local supporters gathered Friday night at the 2017 Education Foundations Scholarship Showdown to support this worthy cause. Damon Leggett, President of the Education Foundation of Gilchrist County said, “We were very pleased with the turnout, the Foundation Board is thankful for the continued local support of our high school seniors.”

Funds raised at this event after expenses go directly from the Foundation to the seniors of Bell and Trenton High Schools in the form of scholarships every year.

The showdown raised some $12,000 after expenses. The big winner at the event was a group known as Hooked-Up which included Mike and Beth Sanchez and Tommy and Michelle Parrish. The final number in the random drawing was awarded $2,500. The final five left in the drawing were Hooked-Up, Deen Lancaster, Wilbur Langford, Bob Clemons and Christine Smith. The  final two were Deen Lancaster and Hooked-Up.

The other big money winners during the showdown were Vera Marquis who won $250, Denny George $500, Larry Thompson won $750, and Janet Bradley won $1000.

Several nice donations to the event were made including a recliner from Jason Kennedy of Complete Sleep and Furnishing in Chiefland. Damon Leggett won the recliner. Edward Storch made several beautiful metal sculptures and they were won by Michelle Crawford and Russ Dalton.

Cowboyz Catering out of Archer cooked the meal which featured prime rib and Pawn Pro helped out with the gun raffles. The guns were won by Jose Cintron, Michael White and Jay Lindsey. Michael White also won the last drawing of the event, a $250 cash prize.

Table sponsors for the event were 83 Farms, Billy Smith’s Watermelons, Duke Energy, Gilchrist Auto Parts, Larry Thompson, Leggett and Company, Nature Resource Products, Palms Medical Group, Smith Law Firm/Smith Asset Management, Waste Pro and Wolfe Plumbing.

There were 194 tickets sold for the showdown event. The next Education Foundation event will be the Walk-A-Thon in February.