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Old Trenton Landmark torn down

By Cindy Jo Ayers

After nearly 100 years the former sanctuary of First Baptist Church has been torn down.

Senior Pastor Keith McConnell said on Monday that the old sanctuary building had so many structural problems that the church congregation voted unanimously to tear the building down.

According to Pastor McConnell, the roof on the back of the building was falling in, as well as a mildew problem in the below ground Sunday school rooms. He also reported concerns about possibility of asbestos in the building.

The project started with the removal of a large oak tree on the southwest corner of the building. It was followed by the removal of windows and doors, which the church members plan to recycle.

The pastor stated that he understood that some citizens were disappointed that the building was being torn down. At this time he did not know for sure what the area would be used for once the building was removed.  Pastor McConnell said   they were still waiting on the Lord to show them what the area would be used for.

Pastor McConnell said, “In the end, what is important is souls that are saved not buildings that are saved.”

According to A Guide to Florida’s Historic Architecture, printed by the University of Florida Press in 1989, the building was built in the 1920s. The guide stated that the building was built with a raised main floor so that its basement could have full size above ground windows. The 1989 guide stated that the building was no longer in use as a sanctuary.

First Baptist Church of Trenton was founded in  1884.