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Cloud Haley receives Oath of Office and is appointed Vice Mayor in Trenton

The Trenton City Commission opened the January 22 meeting with an invocation by Commissioner Randy Rutter and a salute to the American flag. Mayor Deen recognized attorney David M Lang, Jr., the City of Trenton legal counsel when Duke asked Commissioner Cloud Haley to join him in front of the speaker’s podium to receive the Oath of Office. The four-member board conducted the meeting in the absence of Ms. Hellams.
The Commission discussed the 2018 nominations for the Trenton Hall of Fame. Mr. Lang explained that in the past the Commission has accepted up to two nominees for this honor each year, but it is up to the Commission to nominate who they feel is worthy of this award. Trenton Public Works Supervisor, Bruce Philman nominated Chesley “Bubba” Beck, a retired City of Trenton employee that worked nearly 40 years serving the residents and businesses in Trenton. Commissioner Kayla Davis nominated Mary Love Davis. A motion was made by Commissioner Haley to accept these two individuals, Mr. Beck and Ms. Davis as nominees into the Trenton Hall of Fame. The board approved this action by a unanimous vote.
The Commission considered Ordinance 2018-01, an ordinance for the City of Trenton that restricts alcohol sales in the City of Trenton between the hours of midnight and 7:00 a.m., Monday – Sunday. Attorney Lang read the ordinance by title and explained the ordinance will be published before the February 12, 2018 meeting. A second and final reading will be held in the February 12 meeting. A motion by Commissioner Haley and a second by Commissioner Davis to approve Ordinance 2018-01 on first reading. Mayor Deen called for a roll-call vote as the motion passed by a 3-1 vote. Commissioner Rutter voted no on this ordinance.
The Commission discussed the City of Trenton, 8’x8’ quilt block that is being sponsored by the Gilchrist Tourist Development Council. The quilt block that is designed for the City of Trenton has in the center, “A Community of Friends” with four blocks of red watermelon with six black seeds on each of the blocks in each of the four corners. A black train is centered at the top and bottom between the melon blocks. The Commission discussed the colors of the two tractors that will be on the left and right in the quilt square. Trenton’s history includes three tractor businesses that operated in the community since the early 1960s. The Commission agreed to have a black and a blue tractor on two blocks of the quilt square.
Pat Watson, a City of Trenton employee and a member of the Gilchrist Tourist Development Council explained that the TDC has agreed to sponsor a quilt block for each of the municipalities and Gilchrist County. The Florida Quilt Trail began in Trenton many years ago and now ventures throughout North Center Florida.
The Commission agreed to have the quilt square put on the fire station building on US 129. The board also agreed to have a smaller, 4’x4’ block of the Trenton Quilt square on the City Hall lawn. A motion by Commissioner Rutter to approve the proposed Trenton Quilt Square block for it to be located on the Trenton Fire Department facility and a smaller block to be located on the City Hall lawn on Main St. The smaller quilt block will be paid for from the Trenton CRA funds. Commissioner Davis agreed with the motion as the board voted 4-0 in favor of this action.

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