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Trenton Commission moves forward with Sunday alcohol sales

The Trenton City Commission took a step forward in the name of supporting their businesses in the municipality as the three-member board directed Attorney David M Lang, Jr. to amend the current ordinance to allow the sale of alcohol on Sunday. The Trenton City Commission with newly sworn-in Mayor Lee Deen and new Commissioner Kayla Davis received the Oath of Office from attorney Lang at the beginning of the Monday, January 8, 2018 meeting.
Trenton City Manager Lyle Wilkerson reported that 38% of the license fees for alcohol sales would be returned to the City of Trenton to support the General fund. He explained that the City of Trenton recently received $860 from the State of Florida for the taxes on alcohol sales in November 2017.
Commissioner Davis reported that when she was seeing and talking with Trenton residents during her recent election campaign, the number one request from Trenton residents was to allow alcohol sales in Trenton on Sunday.
Mayor Deen reported that people passing through Trenton on Sunday going to spend the day on the river, want to make one stop and purchase their food and beverages for their relaxing day on the river and in the nature coast. Trenton businesses that are able to provide what these visitors want will increase their sales on Sunday and in turn benefit the City of Trenton with tax revenue. If the city of Trenton does not extend the sale of alcohol on Sunday, the visitors will pass right on through Trenton and make one stop out of town to purchase what they need for the day and Trenton businesses will lose these sales to communities like Fanning Springs which do allow alcohol sales on Sunday.
Commissioner Rutter asked, “How do you know that the sale of alcohol will benefit Trenton business on Sunday? We don’t know if the financial benefit will outweigh the possibility of the problems this might cause,” Commissioner Rutter added.
Mayor Deen explained, “I don’t think that anything bad could come from extending the sale of alcohol to Sunday in the City of Trenton at this time.”
Commissioner Davis explained that she was all for alcohol sales on Sunday in Trenton.
Attorney Lang explained that the Commission cannot take action on this issue tonight. This matter will have to be discussed in a public hearing after it is advertised to allow the public to address their concerns involving this issue.
Commissioner Rutter explained, “I wish the entire Commission was in attendance in this meeting to discuss this issue in detail.”
Attorney Lang will present a draft amended ordinance to the Commission in their next meeting to allow the board to take a closer look at extending the sale of alcohol on Sunday in the City of Trenton.