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Fanning Springs Easter Egg Hunt and Ski Show

By Chris Rogers
Fanning Springs Chamber of Commerce held its free annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 24. Over 1,000 visitors from all over came out for this fun-filled day. Kids were able to go down the giant slide as well as try their hand at lawn fishing while they waited for the big egg scramble. I call it that because when you have that many kids all trying to get to the eggs first, it is a real scramble.
After the egg hunt, those who had registered were entered in a drawing. The event sponsors were able to give away many bicycles, to several age groups, both boys and girls, as well as some really nice Easter gift baskets.
The Ancient City Ensemble (ACE) percussion team gave a performance from the Fanning Springs Park stage while visitors waited for the ski show to begin.
Gatorland Water Ski Show Team came back for the second year to the Suwannee River and put on a great show. Many Tri-County natives remember years ago when they all banded together to put on a ski show in the same location at Fanning Springs.
Overall it was a great day, with good fun, smiling faces, and near perfect weather. I’m sure this will continue to be an annual event, so keep an eye out for announcements when next year’s date is set.

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