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To The Citizens of Gilchrist County

My name is John Yencho and I am running for county commissioner district #2. I am a conservative Christian Republican with strong Christian values.
My family and I moved to Gilchrist County 24 years ago. We chose to live here and raise our family in Gilchrist County because we found it not only to be beautiful, but also a warm family oriented friendly place to raise our children.
I am a teacher at Trenton High School and have taught Architectural Design & Construction there for 23 years. I have been a JV football coach at Trenton, an assistant varsity football coach at Bell and head baseball coach at Bell.
I believe my experience as a teacher in this county and general manager of a large engineering and construction firm for over 30 years has given me the background and knowledge to do more for Gilchrist County. I have experience in managing budgets, human resources, infrastructure maintenance, growth, and community development.
I have the energy, the fortitude and the determination to make the hard decisions that we are facing in the future. It is time for new ideas, for fresh ideas, for ideas that will create a better future for Gilchrist County and all its people in the years to come.
We must support our agricultural community, our law enforcement agencies and our school district. They are our three largest employers and deserve all we can do to support them.
I believe by working with the other commissioners, the Economic Development Committee, the Chamber of Commerce, and the business people and citizens of our county, we can not only meet and resolve these challenges, but we can overcome them.
My contact information is: address 5559 SW CR 313, Trenton, Cell: (352) 359-2081, E-mail: jayencho@gmail.com.

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