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Trenton Department of Public Safety now has an assistant

The Trenton City Commission took action Monday evening to hire Cody Wetherington, as the new Public Safety assistant in the City of Trenton. Officer Wetherington will begin working with Director Matt Rexroat in the new position on Saturday, March 17. This is the date when the City of Trenton will welcome hundreds of visitors to this community to celebrate the annual Trenton Suwannee Valley Quilt Festival.
The City Commission discussed a proposed draft agreement involving the Department of Public Safety and future officers that would be joining the staff of the Public Safety of City of Trenton. Attorney Lang reported that Director Rexroat was using an agreement from the City of Daytona Beach Shores Department of Public Safety. This draft document would be edited to allow the City of Trenton to identify that the Department of Public Safety would require an officer to work a three-year term to pay back the fire safety training the officer had completed during their term of employment with the City of Trenton.
Commissioner Haley made a motion to approve the draft document for the Department of Public Safety to hire assistants and have them agree to pay back the City of Trenton if they leave before their three-year commitment is complete. Commissioner Hellams gave a second to the motion as the council agreed by a unanimous vote. Director Rexroat asked the Commission to approve Officer Wetherington’s hire based on a 40-hour work week and a $35,000 annual salary. The Commission agreed to the request by a unanimous vote.
Code Enforcement
Commissioner Rutter asked Director Rexroat if he and the Code Enforcement officer could create a list that identifies residential and commercial properties that are not in compliance with the City of Trenton Code Enforcement. Rutter went on to explain that in the future he would hope that this list could be placed in a power point file where the Commission could view the list monthly in each meeting. Chief Rexroat explained that they would work on this list and try to have something available for an April meeting.
The City Commission is considering a proposal to change Northeast First, Second, Third and Fourth Avenues to become One-Way streets in the City of Trenton. The City Manager explained that an engineer is conducting a proposed plan associated with the CRA program that would allow traffic in downtown Trenton to flow more efficiently under this plan.

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