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2018 Bell Graduation held Thursday evening

Photo by Donny Joiner

By Matthew Harrell
The rain succeeded in moving it indoors, but it failed to dampen the spirit at Bell High School’s graduation Thursday night, May 24.
Salutatorian Alexis Weeks thanked the community for its support and asked her classmates to be successful and not wish their lives away.
“Love every day like it’s your last and do amazing things,” Weeks said.
Valedictorian Molly O’Sullivan implored the graduates to be courageous and achieve their goals.
“I challenge the 2018 class of Bell High School to be courageous,” O’Sullivan said in her speech. “The future belongs to the brave.
O’Sullivan added that the graduates can reach all of their goals if they have the courage to achieve them.
Principal Sherry Lindsey echoed O’Sullivan’s speech, telling students to continue to be courageous.
Superintendent of Schools Rob Rankin said the students have not only learned their curriculum, but have also learned how to handle adversity.
“We’ve been taught how to love and support each other in times of need,” Rankin said.
He said that eight school days had been canceled this year because of storms, a bomb threat, and the deputy shootings.
After the graduates walked across the stage, Jared Thomas repeated the prayer he would say before football games, then left the Class of 2018 with a final thought.
“God put us all on this Earth to do something,” Thomas said. “We must do it to the best of our abilities.”

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