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Trenton FFA Sr. selected as one of Florida’s Finest chapters

Florida FFA is pleased to announce the selection of “Florida’s Finest” FFA Chapters. Trenton Sr. Chapter was one of the 37 Florida Chapters who received this award.
The selection of these chapters is based upon the completion of the National Chapter Award program application. These chapters have excelled in the areas of growing leaders, building communities and strengthening agriculture and have worked hard to fulfill the mission and vision of the FFA. One member and one advisor from each of these chapters will be recognized on the main stage during the 2nd General Session of the 90th Florida FFA Convention on Wednesday, June 13, 2018. In addition, each of these chapters will represent Florida at the national level in the National Chapter Award Program.
Tyler Herrington and Justus Jones were named as State Stars in Agribusiness with their JTC Beef business they created as their supervised agricultural experience program. Through their business the boys have worked to build areas at their own homes to raise cattle that will be harvested and sold in their beef business. Tyler and Justus worked with the owner of Nettles Sausage Company in Lake City, FL to develop a plan to process their harvested beef into burgers to be sold. Tyler and Justus worked to develop a marketing plan. They boys have developed a Facebook page and website to market their products. Additionally, they market their products through cooking for agribusinesses such as Farm Bureau, Farm Credit, and Highland Performance events.
Carson Jones was named as a State Star in Agricultural Placement for his work with JK Cattle as his supervised agricultural experience program. JK Cattle is a breeding operation that focuses on a low-line angus cross cattle. Through his work at JK Cattle his roles and responsibilities have progressed. Carson’s responsibilities in the business include assisting with planting and clearing pastures, fence installation and maintenance, administering medications, and animal nutrition.
The Florida FFA Association recently selected 23 student members as finalists in the highly coveted “Stars of Florida” award recognition program. This program symbolizes the highest competitive recognition for FFA members and their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) programs in eight different categories. Each candidate will be interviewed by a team of FFA, industry and Agriculture Education representatives to determine the winner in each area. Each finalist, their family and agriculture instructors will be recognized June 13, 2018, during the 4th General Session at the 90th Florida FFA Convention.
Briar Mitchell was named as a State Star Discovery finalists with his work at CM2 Farms. His duties included maintaining herd health, harvesting hay, cattle production, weaning calves, marketing cattle, and farm and equipment maintenance. Briar has worked for Swilley Farms two times since 2015. He worked with them when they were gathering the cattle for vaccinations and when they weaned them. Briar assisted with cattle sorting, castration, tagging, vaccinations, and fly control. The State Star Discovery is for 8th grade students only.
Lauren Roberts was named as a state finalist in the Agricultural Research proficiency award area. Through her collaboration with Dr. Ellis at the University of Florida she was able to develop a research program focusing on determining effective, nonlethal repellents of honeybees (Apis Mellifera). Through her research, she found products that showed significant differences in honeybee repellency. Her future research objectives are to determine a nonlethal repellent to apply with pesticides to deter honeybees from crops until the pesticide has degraded.
Zachary Hardee was named as a state finalists in the Beef Production Placement proficiency award area. Zachary’s supervised agricultural experience program consists of placement at Hardee Farms. At Hardee Farms Zachary’s roles and responsibilities have progressed to include working cattle, installing and maintaining fence, bailing hay, administering medicine, and feeding. Additionally, he is responsible for mowing pastures, repairing equipment, and aerating pastures.
The Florida FFA Association is a premier youth, leadership organization with over 18,000 middle and high school student members who are part of over 300 FFA Chapter across the state of Florida.

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