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Trenton honors residents with Hall of Fame Award

The Trenton City Commission honored residents Mrs. Mary Love Davis and Mr. Chesley “Bubba” Beck Monday night as they were inducted into the Trenton Hall of Fame. The five-member board took action by passing Resolutions to place these two outstanding people into the Hall of Fame.
Mary Love Davis is a life long citizen of Trenton as she grew up the youngest of nine children of the late Sylvester and Cora Davis. Mrs. Davis expressed that family is very important to her as many family members and friends were in attendance to support her during the induction ceremony at the beginning of the Monday evening meeting. Mrs. Davis’ love for children has connected her to many generations of students during her 35 years of working with the Gilchrist County School District. Mrs. Mary has a passion for children and she loves to see them strive to be the best that they can be. She also enjoys fishing in her spare time when she is not busy in her community visiting and seeing after people that just need a helping hand. She is a very selfless person and a woman of great humility. Mary is known and loved by many in this Trenton community. Congratulations Mrs. Davis.
Chesley “Bubba” Beck is a life long Trenton resident. He is the son of Mr J.T. and Mrs. Dorothy Beck of Trenton. He has two sisters, Thelma and Carlene. He and his wife Alene have two children, Valerie and Chesley and seven grandchildren. Mr. Beck retired from the City of Trenton after working for 36 years. He was hired by former City Manager Charles Hatch and he worked in the Public Utilities division and helped to install much of Trenton’s water and sewer infrastructure. Mr. Beck explains after retiring from the City of Trenton he still stays busy every day. He also enjoys hunting, fishing and still operating heavy equipment and spending time with family and friends. “I’m a simple man, not wanting much as long as my family is happy and doing well,” he explained. Mr. Beck is very well loved by everyone and anybody that knows him knows that he is dependable, is always first on the job, and is willing to share his knowledge freely and is willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Congratulations Mr. Beck.
The City of Trenton held a reception to honor the inductees and allow the many friends and family members to enjoy a time of fellowship.

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