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C.W. Ellis 2018 STEM Scholar

The 2018 Sunshine State Scholars program was held May 17-18, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. Each of Florida’s school districts selected their top 11th grade students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM). C.W. Ellis of Trenton High School was selected as Gilchrist School District’s STEM Scholar. C.W., along with his parents, Charles and Jenni Ellis and sister Lexi, traveled to Orlando for an extraordinary two-day program. At this year’s program 100 high school STEM scholars came together from throughout the state to conduct a “think tank” on tough Florida challenges and meet with colleges and university representatives. The Think Tank group C.W. was a part of worked on a solution for Citrus greening disease.
When asked about the award C.W. said, “I didn’t set out to be the STEM Scholar, I just did the best I could in all subjects.” Back when he was 12, C.W. took the ACT and did very well for a 12 year old. Next school year he plans to finish his AA at Florida Gateway College in December and volunteer at the Gilchrist Public Library as well as help out at the Gilchrist County School District Office part of the day. He also plans to spend time with his family before going off to college, and study to take the ACT again.
Future plans include working in the field of Application Software Development which is writing code for software.

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