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Commissioners agree on conceptual plan for new County Jail

The Gilchrist County Commissioners recently held a workshop to discuss several plans for a new county jail.
The commissioners studied four different conceptual floor plans that were presented to the commissioners by Clemons, Rutherford & Associates, Inc.
Scheme 4 was the choice that the county commissioners agreed on. This plan is for a 124 bed facility and contains a total of 24,210 square feet. This plan includes an addition of 2,500 square feet that could be added sometime in the future. This addition would add 20 more beds which would bring the total beds to 144. The rough estimated cost to build this facility is around $7,300,000.
County Administrator Bobby Crosby said coming up with a concept or plan for the new jail is just the first step in getting an estimate on the true cost of actually building the new facility.
Clemons, Rutherford & Associates, a Tallahassee firm, will be moving forward with a detailed design for the facility.
Gilchrist County has the second oldest operating jail in the state of Florida. The current jail houses 48 inmates. At this time Gilchrist County has 20 inmates in jails outside of the county. The cost last year for housing Gilchrist County inmates in out of county jails was around $400,000.