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2018 Banquet celebrates accomplishments of 4-H members

Local 4-H members were excited to attend the annual Gilchrist County 4-H Banquet on Wednesday, August 22. Kalin Siegel welcomed those attending the celebration of their accomplishment in 2018. Siegel said, “We have had kids do everything from learning how to plant a garden, to learning how to cook or prepare their animals for the fair.”
Jessica Altum Cooper, the County 4-H agent, congratulated 4-Hers for completing 95 record books this year.
Garden project team awards went to Alaina and Aubrey Blair, first place along with the second place team of DeAnna and David Fason. Individual awards went to first place Joyce Teague, second place Emily Pedersen and third place Laina Teague.
Judging teams were also recognized at the banquet. Consumer Choice team members were Joyce Teague, Ellana Stalvey, Cierra Johnson, Samantha Barron, Aubrie Blair, Dexton Coleman, Tobias Thompson, Alaina Blair, Dalton Johnson, Jonathan Green, Courtney O’Steen, Savannah Harding, Troy Johnson, Josh Green, Emily Pedersen, Caleb Ivey, Dustin Brown, Dalton Coleman and Aurelia Darling.
Livestock Judging team members were Jordan Spears, Brayden Smith, Lane Hart, Adysen Burns, Luke Ivey, Beau Ivey, Linden Teague, Aubrie Blair, Dexton Coleman, Lois Bachle, Briar Mitchell, Gabe Mitchell, Cydney Watkins, Alaura Brown, Grace Ivey, Rachel Ivey, Dustin Brown, Laina Teague, Adli Elliott, Alaina Blair, Dalton Coleman, Jonathan Fussell, Toby Wood, Caleb Ivey, and JW Ripley. Dairy Judging team Lizzy Bagby, Easton Douglas, and Madalynn Smith. Farm Judging team members Adli Elliott and Laina Teague.
4-H Achievement Standards certificates went to Juniors Merry Bacom with Bronze, Laurel Bacom with Bronze, Aubrie Blair with Bronze and Joyce Teague with Gold. Intermediates were Alaina Blair with Bronze and Adli Elliott with Gold. Seniors were Jonathan Fussell with Silver and Kalin Siegel with Gold. Club Achievement Awards went to the Lil’ Farmer’s Club with the Bronze award.
The highlight of the 4-H year for senior age 4-Hers should be Florida 4-H University. This year Gilchrist County was able to send six 4-Hers to Congress the first week of August. These 4-Hers who represented Gilchrist County at this prestigious event were Jonathan Fussell, Kaylee Douglas, Kalin Siegel, Darien Thompson, Hannah Turner and Joshua Green.
Two youth participated in 4-H Legislature, where youth serve as representatives and senators and pass mock bills in the actual capitol in Tallahassee. This year Hannah Turner and Hunter Allen attended from Gilchrist County. Hannah was a senator and Hunter was a lobbyist. Hunter Allen received special recognition for the Chris Allen Award, an award that is adult nominated and youth voted for. They recognize two outstanding lobbyists, two outstanding representatives, 1 outstanding senator and 1 outstanding media correspondent.
Outstanding 4-Hers of the Year went to Joyce Teague who is a junior, Laina Teague who is an intermediate and Joshua Green who is a senior.
Head Award went to Toby Wood. Heart Award to Linden Teague, Hands Award went to Alaina Blair, and Health Award went to Hunter Allen.
4-H Scholarships were awarded to graduating seniors Courtney O’Steen, Joshua Green, Savannah Harding, Troy Johnson, Michael McNally, Hannah Turner, Darien Thompson, Sydney Groom, and Douglas Simpson III.
The banquet ended with the new County Council officers being inducted. The new officers are President Kalin Siegel, Vice President Adli Elliott, Secretary Emily Pedersen, Reporter Alaina Blair, Treasurer Laina Teague, Sergeant at Arms Jonathan Green, Recreation Leaders Caleb Ivey and Aubrie Blair. These young people will serve as the county leadership team that assists in planning county level events, participate in leadership activities throughout the year, and will serve the county clubs.

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