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County has new Emergency Alert Program — Sign up now!

Gilchrist County Emergency Management Director Ralph Smith is requesting that residents of Gilchrist County sign up to the new emergency alert program.
Smith said on Thursday, August 23, that he was happy that after only 24 hours of the program starting, over 200 residents had already signed up. Smith said “I don’t mind helping one bit, if they need help signing up, we will help them.” He also said that it only took about two minutes to sign up online. To sign up go to www.AlertGilchrist. Those who need help signing up please call (352) 935-5400 or (352) 317-1076.
This new program will allow the Gilchrist County Emergency Management office to notify residents of inclement weather such as a approaching storm or hurricane. Also the system can be used to alert citizens of other issues like road closings or escaped county inmate.
When you sign up, you can set preferences on when you receive notifications for what type of emergency. In other words, if you did not want to get a phone call at 3 a.m. about an approaching thunderstorm you can set it so you only receive notification between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. if that is your wish. County residents can also choose how they want to receive their alerts, text messages, phone calls, e-mail, or all three in the event of a emergency. What type emergency that you are notified of is also a preference choice.
Gilchrist County Emergency Management, Gilchrist County Fire Rescue and Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office are all part of this new alert program.
This new system will replace the county’s old Code Red system.