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Gilchrist students to send supplies to Jackson County

Students and faculty in both Bell and Trenton schools are asked to bring school supplies to school this week. School supplies as well as ready to eat foods can be donated at each school.
Jackson County Superintendent Larry Moore released the following statement after the eye of the storm passed over their county packing 140 mile per hour winds. “Our District has experienced one of the worst weather events in history. The impact on our county and it’s population is unprecedented. Everyone has been affected in one way or another and many have experienced devastating loss of property and homes.”
Superintendent Moore plans to reopen the county’s schools on Monday October 29. Currently the schools are still shelters for people who lost their homes. They have 17 schools and 6,000 students in the school district.
Due to the damage of school property they will be combining some locations and other assets for a while. The Jackson County school district reported that 70% of the homes in the county still don’t have power and several of the schools don’t have power at this time, but they anticipate power being restored to all the schools by Monday. At this time their county road department is working to remove trees from roads so that the school buses can run their routes.
Principals in Jackson County have reported that some children do not have food in their homes yet and the schools anticipate the need to supplement families with food for several weeks after the schools open.
Gilchrist County School District recommendations for non-perishable food are crackers, granola bars, bread, beef jerky, canned goods with pop tops. Also they have requested candy so they can give it out on October 31.
Doug and Michelle Crawford have volunteered to deliver the school supplies and ready to eat foods over this coming weekend.

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