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Alice Kinsey honored with retirement reception

Judge Sheree Lancaster hosted a retirement celebration for her longtime Judicial Assistant Alice Kinsey on Wednesday, October 31. Judge Lancaster shared about Kinsey’s career with a large group of judges and judicial assistants, current and retired from the 8th Circuit. Kinsey’s work with the court system began when she became the Judicial Assistant for the late Judge Ed Philman after Hazel Bryant retired. Kinsey was hired by Judge Philman back in 2004 and started to work for Judge Lancaster in 2012.
Judge Lancaster said “I feel very blessed and honored that Alice agreed to work with me after I became judge.” Judge Lancaster went on to say that she had been dreading Kinsey’s last day of work for a longtime.
Several of the judges who attended the reception spoke about Kinsey’s dedication to her job, her honesty and organization, as well as ability to be a leader and role model.
Kinsey enjoyed sharing the event with her many friends in the Judicial system and her three sisters.
Lyndsay Ayers began work as the new Judicial Assistant for Judge Lancaster last week. Ayers has worked in the Gilchrist County Clerks Office for the past 17 years.

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