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Retirees Recognized at School Board Meeting

Plaque to Honor
J.M. “Murphy” Everett
By Janet Bradley
School personnel who will be retiring in December were recognized at the December 11 School Board Meeting for their many years of service in education. Those retiring are bus drivers Karen Latham, who has served the Trenton schools, and Nancy “Darlene” Thomas, who has served the Bell schools. Trenton Elementary Food Services Manager Beth Tondrealt will also be retiring. George Kreinbihl, a fifth grade teacher at Trenton Elementary will also end his teaching career at Christmas Break.
George Kreinbihl began his career in Gilchrist County in 1999 and had previously taught in Brevard County. He has worked as a teacher, Dean of Students, Assistant Principal, and an Administrator at the Alternative School. He has a total of thirty-three years of service in education. He will end his career at Trenton Elementary having taught third, fourth, and fifth grades at that school. Ronda Adkins, TES Principal, shared comments from his students and his current team of fifth grade teachers. His students said he was always joyful, nice, like a dad, a friend, best teacher, funny, and thoughtful. His fellow fifth grade teachers shared he is easy going, has a sense of humor, is committed to his work, and builds relationships with the students. Listening to the comments, it is apparent Kreinbihl has a heart for education and his students. Kreinbihl stated, “The best part of teaching is touching a child’s life, no matter what age. I am proud of the fact that I have always been and always will be a student advocate”. He also went on to say, “My greatest reward is when a previous student drops by the classroom or approaches me in public with statements about how much they enjoyed my classes and how I made learning fun for them”. TES is losing a great teacher, and he will be missed by students and parents.
Karen Latham is retiring with thirty-three years serving the Trenton Schools as a bus driver. David Spencer, Director of Operations, spoke kindly about Latham. He said she was always pleasant, considerate, and compassionate. He commented she was always willing to do what was asked of her. Latham will be greatly missed and is looking forward to not getting up so early as she has done for many years.
School Board members congratulated the retirees and expressed their thanks for many years of dedicated service. Darlene Thomas and Beth Tondrealt did not attend the recognition.
Kay Roberts, niece of J.M. “Murphy” Everett, and her husband, Joe, attended the board meeting where a plaque was presented by Michelle Crawford for Mr. Everett being inducted into the FFA Hall of Fame. Mr. Everett was a former Trenton High School agriculture teacher and Gilchrist County School Board Member. The plaque will be placed at the Gilchrist Schools District Office in honor of Everett who was loved and respected by the citizens of Gilchrist County.
The Board approved the meeting dates for the next year and the consent agenda. The only other items on the agenda were Disciplinary Reviews and Executive Session, which are both closed to the public.

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