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Bell Elementary School Brings Christmas to Cottondale students

This Christmas, students at Bell Elementary School embarked on what would be called their Kindness Project. The intent was to spread Christmas cheer to students affected by Hurricane Michael. The project began as a third grade activity and quickly blossomed into school wide giving.
The third graders of BES started by taking their Kindness Tour field trip. Students traveled to the Dollar Tree in Chiefland to purchase stocking stuffers for the third graders of Cottondale Elementary. The students had been encouraged to do chores at home to earn the money they were to spend, so they could experience the joy of giving something that was theirs. The students then traveled in groups to both Ayers and Tri- county nursing homes to sing and read to the residents. After returning to school, the students stuffed the stockings to go to the panhandle.
The giving didn’t end there. The other grade levels at BES soon joined in providing cards, stockings, or gifts for all other grade levels. The Gilchrist County Farm Bureau Women’s Group provided stockings for the teachers of Cottondale. All in all, 449 stockings were made for the school.
The third grade team of Bell Elementary delivered the gifts to a very
thankful bunch of students and teachers. The Cottondale teachers expressed gratitude while telling the Bell teachers they had some students still living in tents since the storm.
The Kindness Project was a blessing that reached many people – from the nursing home residents, to the students of Cottondale, and certainly to the students and staff at Bell Elementary who will never forget the opportunity they had to bring Christmas cheer to others in need.

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