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Kimberly Hines receives Hospitality award

The Gilchrist County Character Council’s recipient for the award for Hospitality is Kimberly Hines. Kimberly is an outstanding example of the character trait “hospitality.” Employed in Gilchrist County since 1996, she currently teaches 6th grade Language Arts at Trenton Middle/High School. Both there and during her time at Trenton Elementary, she has been known for being open and friendly to everyone.  A former coworker said “When I was a newcomer at Trenton Elementary, it seemed that she went out of her way to make me feel welcome, and that she was glad I had joined the TES family, but she treated everyone like that.” She also added “Kimberly’s heart is as big as her smile and is filled with God’s love. She’s a blessing to so many!”
Kimberly is known to be quick to spearhead or pitch in with events like showers, funerals, and other gatherings. She has a heart to help people in times of trouble. It was no surprise to hear that she was among the citizens of our county that took supplies to hurricane victims in the panhandle. When asked, Kimberly said that she believes Hospitality is something God has gifted her with. She loves to entertain people, help people, and to make them feel welcome. For Kimberly, Hospitality is important because everyone wants to be loved and accepted. She also reminds us that kindness goes a long way and cures a multitude of problems.

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