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Suwannee and Santa Fe Rivers have crested

By Cindy Jo Ayers
On Sunday afternoon, Dec. 30, Hart Springs Road/County Road 344 was flooded about 1000 feet before the Hart Springs Campground Road. Houses on the river front are only accessible by boat at this time. Several people at Hart Springs are still living in their homes. There was no boat traffic on the river in the early afternoon due to the excessive flood waters and very strong current.
According to the Suwannee River Water Management District the Suwannee River crested on Monday, Dec. 31 at 11.26 feet at US 19/Wilcox. Historically the Suwannee was at its highest back in April of 1948. That year it crested in Wilcox at 21.13 feet. The second highest was in 1973 at 17.39 feet. The flood stage at Wilcox is 10 feet.
The Santa Fe River crested on Sunday Dec. 30 at 22.94 feet at the US 129 Bridge. On Monday, Dec. 31 the Santa Fe was at 22.88 feet. The record at 129 Bridge was also set in 1948 at 33.41 feet followed by 1973 at 29.97 feet. The Flood Stage at the 129 Bridge is 20 feet.
It is unusual for the river to flood in December, most historic floods occur in the month of April followed by March.
FWC has enacted the no wake zone for part of the Santa Fe and Suwannee Rivers.

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