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Gabe Mitchell exhibits Reserve Grand Champion Steer at Florida State Fair

Gabe Mitchell won Reserve Grand Champion Steer at the 2019 Florida State Fair Steer Futurity Show on Wednesday, February 13th. Gabe selected his steer at the Florida State Fair Steer Futurity sale on August 4th. The pen of cattle he drew had 8 steers in it. He and 6 others had to evaluate and rank the steers. As their names were drawn they purchased the steer they ranked the highest. If their first pick was already selected, they got the next highest steer on their list. Gabe’s name was drawn 6th. With a stroke of luck, none of the other 5 competitors had chosen his first pick. Gabe purchased his steer, which he named “BB”, for market value. He weighed 552 lbs. For the next 191 days, Gabe and the other 52 competitors had to feed, halter break, and care for their steers.
On February 10th, the steers were weighed in at the Florida State Fair. Gabe fed “BB” Suwannee Valley Feed during the whole project which helped him reach the final weight of 1,217 lbs. “BB” more than doubled his weight. From the original 52 steers, a total of 47 steers made it into the show.
Finally, it was show time! The Florida State Fair Steer Futurity uses three judges to evaluate the steers. Gabe’s steer was in class 6. When the panel of judges revealed the order they placed the class, “BB” was in first place for all three judges. Gabe then took “BB” in for the final championship drive. One of the three judges placed his steer in first, and the other two placed the steer of Brady Ward, of Williston, in first. Then the judges had to select Reserve Grand Champion. All three judges selected Gabe’s steer as the Reserve Grand Champion.
Gabe’s steer placed 3rd in overall weight gain with an average of 3.5 lbs/day. He also won second overall in intermediate steer showmanship. Finally, he was Intermediate Champion of Champion Steer competitor. This included a skillathon, record book test, a demonstration/talk, a poster, and other activities he participated in that gave him points during the project.
Gabe also competed in the youth beef show prior to the steer show. He won Grand Champion Simmental Bull, and one of his heifers was a division winner. These are animals he raised on his family’s farm. He placed second overall in intermediate showmanship. He put in the extra elbow grease and won Intermediate Champion of Champions Beef competitor.

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