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Gilchrist Commission satisfies Santa Fe Loop construction with split payment

The Gilchrist County Commission took action to satisfy all parties involved in the paving of the Santa Fe Loop Park construction project by paying a third of a total discrepancy of $55,837.64 for material used on the project that was not included in the construction bid. The three parties involved in the project: John C Hipp Construction Co., Dewberry Engineering and Gilchrist County met and agreed that each would pay $18,612.55 to satisfy the discrepancy for unit over runs in base material that was delivered to the Santa Fe River construction site project and used for construction of the project.
Gilchrist County Administrator Bobby Crosby reported to the Commission that he met with Chairman Todd Gray, attorney David M Lang, Jr. and representatives from John C Hipp Co. and Dewberry Engineering to reach a decision involving the $55,837.64 in cost of materials identified on the construction project. After a lengthy discussion involving the remaining balance on this project, Hipp and Dewberry signed an agreement that if all three parties agreed, this would avoid any possible litigation involving this issue in the future. Attorney Lang recommended the Commission accept this proposal to satisfy this issue.
Commissioner Langford asked if this payment would be taken from the General Revenue Reserve portion of the budget.
A motion was made by Commissioner Thomas to approve the recommendation for Gilchrist County to pay $18,612.55 from general reserve to satisfy this discrepancy. Commissioner Martin explained that he was reluctant to second this motion but he would to satisfy this problem.
Clerk of Court Todd Newton asked if this would reflect on Dewberry Engineering’s status and the possibility of them being hired for future county engineering projects.
Chairman Gray called for a decision as the board approved the motion by a 4-1 vote. Commissioner Langford voted No on this motion.