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City Commission extends moratorium to not allow simulated gambling businesses

The Trenton City Commission reviewed Resolution 2018-05, involving a temporary stop gap measure the City of Trenton took in 2018 to dispense with the simulated gambling businesses because they were taking over in the municipality and causing an increase in crime and other unnecessary problems. Trenton Attorney David M. Lang, Jr. explained to the five-member board in the Monday evening meeting that the Resolution 2018-05 would sunshine in April 2019 and they should consider action on the resolution if they wanted to keep the City of Trenton without the simulated gambling establishments.
City Manager Lyle Wilkerson reported to the Commission that the Trenton City Hall receives calls from business owners that want to open these types of businesses in this area, but staff explains at this time the City of Trenton has a moratorium in place to disallow these type businesses to open in the municipality.
Commissioner Rutter made a motion to approve Resolution 2018-05 for one year through April 2020 to disallow temporary gambling businesses to open in the City of Trenton. Commissioner Hellams agreed as she gave a second to the motion with her support. The Commission voted in agreement to support the motion and extend the moratorium for another year. The board spoke of approving a permanent moratorium to not allow these types of businesses to open in the community. Attorney Lang explained a permanent moratorium to stop these type businesses from opening in Trenton would take some time to prepare.
The Trenton City Commission will meet on Monday April 29. In the meeting the Commission will induct Mrs. Marjorie Henley as the newest member of the Trenton Hall of Fame. The Community is urged to attend this meeting in support of the Henley family and remember this outstanding lady and the tremendous asset and impact she had on the community, the schools and the people she came in contact with. This meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. in the Trenton Community Center.
The Trenton City Commission welcomed the Tobacco Free Partnership program represented by Tracey DeCubellis, MS and Josh Akin. The Tobacco Free Partnership reported that they are very concerned about the increased use of e-cigarettes and studies through the Florida Department of Health have shown that in 2018 the percentages of youth in Gilchrist County using electronic vaping has risen to 19.8%. Studies also show that in Gilchrist County use of cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, hookah or electronic vaping by youth has risen to 26.8% where the statewide average is 19.1%.
The representatives presented a proposed ordinance to the City Commission and asked the board to adopt these guidelines for the City of Trenton. The Commission asked Mr. Akin what counties and municipalities in this area have approved the proposed ordinance. He explained that Alachua County and Dixie County had both approved this ordinance.
The purpose of this ordinance is to reduce tobacco use by regulating the distribution of tobacco products to keep products out of the hands of young people. The provisions of this ordinance shall apply to all incorporated areas of the City.
This ordinance requires that businesses that would sell tobacco type products in the City of Trenton would have to purchase an additional license on an annual basis in order to sell these types of products.
The Commission explained to the representative that businesses in the City of Trenton already purchase a business license to sell products in Trenton.
Mr. Akin explained to the Commission that currently it is against the law for new businesses within 1000’ of a school to sell tobacco type products to youth under the age of 18 years old. He added that the advertisements in the stores are directed toward youth and applies a lot of pressure for you to use these type products.
The Commission pointed out that businesses and people in this community have rights and it would be more youth specific to educate the youth involving the harm that these type products will have based on the long-term use.
Commissioner Haley made a motion for the Commission to not adopt this ordinance involving the use of tobacco products at this time. Commissioner Hellams gave a second to the motion and the Commission approved the motion by a unanimous vote.
The Commission adjourned this meeting a 6:50 p.m.