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Tax Collector Barbara Merritt Resigns

After 42 years working in the Tax Collector’s Office, Gilchrist County’s Tax Collector Barbara J. Merritt is leaving office. Merritt resigned as of February 4, 2019 as the Tax Collector for Gilchrist County. Merritt has notified Governor Ron DeSantis of her resignation and according to Merritt, an appointment is in progress.
In the meantime Terry E. Trail CFCA, Assistant Tax Collector will be in charge of the office until a replacement is appointed.
Merritt began working at the Tax Collectors Office for longtime Tax Collector W.W. Welch in 1984. After Marilyn C. Bruce retired as Tax Collector in 2012, Barbara Merritt was elected as Tax Collector in November of 2012.
Governer DeSantis’ Office spokesman stated on Tuesday that they will be collecting and reviewing applications for the Tax Collector position until April 5.