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Gilchrist Remembers commemorated the anniversary of fallen GCSO Officers

Family, friends and citizens of Gilchrist County all gathered in the Memorial Park next to the Gilchrist County Courthouse on Friday, April 19, to remember the tragic loss of Sergeant Noel Ramirez and Deputy Taylor Lindsey.
April 19, marked the one year anniversary of the senseless shooting of these two young officers.
Sheriff Bobby Schultz’s assured the families that Gilchrist County would never forget the fallen officers. He said, “One thing I know for sure if they were here they would be getting in the cars and doing their job.” He went on to speak of their good character and spoke of how much GCSO missed them.
After several songs which included the National Anthem and Amazing Grace.
Nan Lindsey the mother of Deputy Taylor who was only 25 at the time of his death spoke. Ms. Lindsey said, “One year ago today, evil walked in and changed my life forever. But someone else walked in that day that also changed my life forever and that was all of you.
The calendar says a year has past, but since April 19, 2018, my world has stood still.
I have had many conversations, lots of letters, countless cards and one profound and touching text over this past year. During this time I learned some things and there were some things I already knew. I knew I was selfish and didn’t want to share Taylor with this profession, for my deep fear of losing him. But what I learned is that by sharing him, “as if I had a choice”, by sharing him with you and now the world, not only was he a blessing in my life, he was a blessing in many lives.
Taylor invested in people with his love and compassion. His desire was to guide them to be better and to do better so they could reach a better place. His investment in those lives will be felt forever.
Taylor was living his best life, he followed his heart, he lived his passions and he fulfilled his calling.
When he would speak of Gilchrist and all of you, I would listen closely. His love of his job and all of you was so genuine; this “little slice of Heaven or God’s Country”, as he liked to call it. I understand now why he loved and treasured it so much. Gilchrist Strong isn’t just a slogan, it’s who you are.
To my Sheriff’s Office family, thank you for walking in when my life was changed. The deep respect shown and the sympathy will always be cherished. Our family realizes that our Taylor was also your Taylor and the loss is felt by all. Be assured of our enduring appreciation and gratitude.
As I remember and reflect, I can only be proud of the goodness that I have witnessed from my sweet son and all that stand by him.
Bobby - you handled this with such grace as only you could. With your devotion to all that has been done to ease the impact this has had on me and my family, I thank you and will forever be grateful.
I want to thank you for your beautiful daughter Kassidy. Her kindness and compassion surrounds me every time I’m in her company. And Kyle - I’m speechless, your words of love and generosity of heart mean everything. When the daily uncertainty of life threaten all sense of sanity, your love brings much peace and comfort.
So as we remember as the years will pass, I just ask that you will always remember that sweet child of mine and his beloved and dear friend Noel.
I am so blessed to have had all of you and so many others walk this journey with me. God bless you all.

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