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Lauren Roberts selected to run for Area 2 FFA Vice President

By Cindy Jo Ayers
Lauren Roberts could just be the next Area Two State FFA Vice President.
Last week Lauren Roberts and Makenzie Smith spent Monday and Tuesday in Haines City participating in a very intense screening hoping for a spot on the State FFA Officer team. Roberts and Smith have been preparing for the screening since the beginning of the year. Both young women received some help preparing for their screenings by three former Trenton FFA members who went on to be Area Two State FFA Vice Presidents, Justus Jones, Brooks Parrish and Austin Polk. At the end of the two day screening process which included a five part interview, written exam that tested their ag knowledge and more, the two young women came home to await the outcome of their screening. On Wednesday Lauren Roberts of the Trenton FFA Chapter was notified that she and Skiya Davis from the Starke area would be vying for Area 2 Vice President. Roberts said, “Makenzie and I worked hard to support each other through the rigorous screening process, I think that helped us both.”
Roberts will be very busy until mid June traveling to the 57 FFA Chapters in Area Two. Area Two stretches as far north as Nassau County, as far west as Jefferson County and as far south as Levy County. She plans to attend as many meetings and end of the year banquets as she possibly can before the FFA State Convention in Orlando, June 10-14. In the middle of all that she will be graduating from Trenton High School on May 24. While she travels around to FFA Chapters in the northern part of the state she will be campaigning for the Area Two Vice President position.
Roberts said she had been preparing for this opportunity since the seventh grade when she attended her first State FFA Convention. She has always been a goal setter and FFA has taught her to work hard to achieve her goals and to be willing to try again when you fail.
During the 2018 National FFA Convention Roberts won the National FFA Prepared Public Speaking Contest. According to Roberts, this much coveted accomplishment came after many failures. Roberts said, “I learned a lot about myself when I won and even more when I lost during each competition.” Through the years she has worked hard to improve her skills and along the way, she has learned to keep on trying.
She also feels very passionately about Honey Bees, thanks to her first FFA speech contest back in 7th grade. She learned a lot about bees as she was researching for her first speech and she has never lost her interest in honey bees.
Through Roberts FFA experience she has made many lifelong friendships, found her passion for honey bee keeping and research. She has also found a greater respect for production agriculture.
Roberts has already been accepted at the University of Florida in the Fall, but if Roberts becomes the next Area Two Vice President she will defer her enrollment to UF for one year to serve the state FFA organization which has given her so much.
Roberts said she is very thankful for the support of her friends and family. She is especially thankful for the years of help from her ag advisors Ashley Thoron and Heather Rucker.
Her future plans include graduating from University of Florida and working with Ag Policy or becoming a honey bee professor. Either way, as a grad student she hopes to do research with Honey Bees.

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