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Mrs. Marjorie Henley becomes a member of Trenton Hall of Fame

By John Ayers
The Trenton City Commission inducted Mrs. Marjorie Henley into the Trenton Hall of Fame Monday night at the very beginning of the April 29, 2019 City Commission meeting. This was a celebration of her family and friends as a large crowd joined in supporting the Henley family as they shared many memories and just a few of the hundreds of kind thoughtful things Mrs. Henley had done for people and children alike when she was a pillar of this community.
Steven Henley, the eldest of the children of Ted and Marjorie Henley gave a testament to the Commission and the people attending in what this means for the family. “The family of the late Marjorie Ann Henley of Trenton, wife of Theodore Henley, wishes to acknowledge the many prayers, outpouring of sympathy and gestures of kindness shown following our loss. However, this is not a time to mourn our loss but a time to celebrate an outstanding individual to be inducted into the Trenton Hall of Fame for 2019.
Mrs. Henley represented a pillar of strength because she was not only an upstanding citizen in the community, but spent her entire life working and being a part of what is meant to be a true Hall of Famer.
Mrs. Henley was well known in Trenton and to the countless number of students and staff that was blessed with her presence at Trenton High School.
She was wise beyond her years and brought a smile to everyone that crossed her path. There has never been anyone she interacted with that considered themselves a stranger because she touched the heart of many and will be missed by all.
On behalf of Marjorie Ann Henley, we accept this Hall of Fame induction as an honor and privilege because of the tremendous service she provided for the masses. Most importantly, we would like to thank everyone that made this possible, individually and collectively, for presenting this prestigious award to a wonderful woman and God bless.” The Henley Family
The Trenton City Commission adopted Resolution 2019-04, inducting Mrs. Marjorie Henley as a member of the Trenton Hall of Fame. Mr. Ted Henley is also a member of the Trenton Hall of Fame.

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