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Gilchrist County has new WWI Monument

The new Gilchrist County WWI granite monument was dedicated on Memorial Day, May 27, 2019.
A fund raising drive began on February 14, 2011 for this monument by the Gilchrist County Historical Society. During the first year around $1,300 was collected. The Sons of Confederate Veterans, Dixie Defenders Camp #2086 made the first big donation.
Mr. Jim Mash the former Gilchrist County Veterans Service Officer said “The historical society has a vision for what they wanted in the monument and the first quote came in for $35,000 without any names carved into it.” Later the historical society got a estimate from Ryan Daube who has O.T. Davis Monument Company in Gainesville for $8,400 and Daube donated the carving of the names.
All total there are 146 individual who served in WWI listed on the monument. The Historical Society believe they have most of the names of the WWI veterans who lived in this area. The task of finding the names was complicated because the county of Gilchrist had not been formed at that time and those who served lived in what was then western Alaucha County. Roger Nogaki a local veteran worked tirelessly on research trying to find as many local WWI names as he could for the monument. Dixie County also has 69 WWI names listed on the bottom portion of the monument.
The monument was installed just after the hundred year anniversary of WWI. This war started in 1914 and ended in November of 1918. During WWI 116,708 Americans died, 204,000 were wounded and 2.8 million served in the military overseas.
Mr. Mash is very pleased with the new monument and he said, “This monument was a community effort not an individual effort.” Mr. Mash went on to say many people helped with donations for the monument.
These men proudly served their country in WWI and their names are carved into the new monument William H. Albritton, Sandy Alfred, Willie E. Arrington, John V. Asbell, Lewis L. Asbell, Oliver W. Bailey, Oscar Bass, John F. Beach, Lonnie L. Beach, William T. Beach, Walter Bellamy, Wallace W. Blitch, Joel R. Booth, Lloyd Bostick, Oliver Braden, Clinnie Brinson, Eddie Brock, James A. Brock, Moses E. Brock, James W. Brooker, John L. Brown, Sim Brown, Wesley Brown, Willie F. Brown, Augusta Browning, Fallie O. Browning, Ruel M. Browning, William J. Bryson, Rande Burnes, Thomas J. Burnett, Isiah Burns, James Butler, James L. Butler, Don Carlous, Renis D. Clark, Samuel Clyatt, Bernie E. Colson, Alfred Conner, Horton Conner, Alfred R. Cox, Willie W. Dehart, Moses M. Dykes, Charles Edwards, Willie H. Edwards, Aren Everett, Paul L. Everett, Wiliam D. Fletcher, Henry Freeman, William Frier, Simon Gallant, James B. Gay, Samuel H. Gay, John S. Griffin, Denton Hagan, Lonnie Hamilton, John W. Hamm, William M. Harper, James A. Hogan, Preston Holder, Otis S. Houston, Andrew Jamerson, Charlie E. Jamerson, Daily Johnson, Joe Johnson, Jake Jones, Robert E. Jones, Sanford C. Jones, Thomas J. Jones, Vassie J. Jones, John A. Kelly, Robert O. Kidd, William M. Kidd, George W. Lane, Robert C. Lang, Joseph C. Lastinger, Joe Lewis, Eli A. Lightsey, Solomon Littles, Loney C. Locklear, Clarence Lovett, Joe J. Lundy, Joe Mann, Sunny Mann, Daniel W. J. Martin, Samuel T. Mathews, Gilbert McHenry, Guy E. McPheeters, Pasco Mikell, Joseph L. Miller, William Miller, Norman Mooney, Cleveland Moore, Green Moore, Perrie A. Moore, Rochester J. Nettles, Elias F. Osteen, Hugh B. Padgett, John R. Parrish, Levi Parrish, Thomas J. Parrish, William H. Parrish, William I. Parrish, Francis B. Peterson, Marcus D. Peterson, Felton Philpot, Henry P. Philpot, Newton Philpot, Walter G. Rehberg, Wiley T. Rehberg, Zeaf Rhames, Burrows Rivers, Grady B. Robertson, George C. Roberts, Sidney D. Roberts, Grady R. Robinson, Louis P. Robinson, Willard Robison, Harvey C. Rodman, Paul Rutledge, Charles W. Sanchez, Hubert G. Sanchez, Desha N. Sanders, Thomas L. Sapp, Charlie Scott, Thomas I. Sheffield, Ernest Slaughter, Richard Slaughter, Frank J. Smith, Grover Smith, James Q. Smith, James R. Smith, Jesse V. Smith, DeWitt T. ST. Clair, Calvin Stevenson, Maxey Stringer, Archie Strobles, John H. Sutton, Lonnie Taylor, Benjamin F. Thomas, Orlando C. Trammell, Ernest P. Turner, Leon Walker, Porter Waters, Willie B. West, Burkie C. White, Ottis E. Wilder, Ivey Wilkerson, Ben M. Williams.
The Dixie County names on the monument include Charlie Barber, Clarence E. Barber, Ivie M. Barber, Daniel H. Butler, Eliga H. Butler, Hiram Butler, George W. Bodiford, Benton H. Cambridge, John D. Cannon, Berry A. Cason, Richard Chavous, Samuel C. Chavous, Eugene G. Chewing, Thomas W. Coe, Cleveland Corbin, J.E. Cottrell, Noble Curry, Eugene Dees, Cleveland Dees, Melvin D. DeHart, Junius Downing, Thomas A Driggers, Leonard Edmonds, Nathan Edmonds, Willie E. Edwards, John Futch, George B. Glisson, John B. Glisson, James R. Herring, Louis Herring, Francis J. Hines, Malgran A. Hines, Samuel M. Hurst, William H. Johnson, James L. Kerns, David A. Kight, William F. Lee, James N. Lockler, Nevin L. Locklier, John M. Lord, Solomon C. Lord, James W. Manuel, Ira D. Mills, Frank J. Moriarty, Joe L. Mott, Obe Osteen, William R. Osteen, John Overstreet, Lovett Overstreet, Alfred B. Peacock, Leonard M. Peacock, Niven L. Peacock, Thomas F. Peacock, Drew Peterson, Moses Peterson, John Philmon, Thomas J. Polk, Page Robinson, William Rollison, Edward Simmons, Milton L. Smith, Eugene Stewart, Nevin M. Stewart, Henry Sweat, George W. Tillis, William H. Walker, Pew Webb, John S. Wilder, Lewis Williams.
This Some of the local business who supported the monument by donating were Hometown Realty, Gilchrist Club, Ameris Bank, American Legion Post 91 in Gilchrist, American Legion Post 16 in Gainesville, Judge Sheree Lancaster, Gilchrist County Commissioners, Jim Mash, Duke Lang, Steve Copeland and the citizens of Gilchrist County.