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New handicap accommodations at Hart Springs

Hart Springs is very handicap accessible after the installation of the new parking areas, play ground equipment, sidewalks, picnic sheds and a lift for the springs.
Park Manager Mitchell Gentry stated that the park is now one of the most handicap accessible in the state.
Working with two FERDAP grants, and an ADA Grant totaling some $273,000 the park now has improved picnic shelters which have electric outlets and sidewalks leading to them, and four new shelters that are ADA accessible. On the west side of the park there is a new paved driveway and concrete handicap parking. All the paving, construction, and sidewalk work was done by area companies. Some 1,600 feet of new sidewalks have been added. The sidewalks join the boardwalk which makes nearly a mile loop that is handicap accessible.
Some of the funds were used to buy much needed picnic tables, and a pool lift for the springs.
The grant work began in the Fall of 2018 and was completed in the Spring of 2019. There were several months in the Winter when the work stopped due to flooding.
Summer picnic and swim season is underway at the 204 acre county park which features 71 campsites with a pool. Children are enjoying the splash pad that was installed last Spring and the springs which are perfect for swimming at this time.
Hart Springs is open from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. during the Spring and Summer season and admission is $5 a person, five and under are free and a car load of up to six people is $15.

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