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Teachers make presentations to the Education Foundation

Three 2018-2019 Teachers of the Year made presentations to the Education Foundation of Gilchrist County Board Members a few weeks ago. Each teacher explained what they had used the $500 teacher grants provided by the Education Foundation for to enhance their teaching.
Jamie Guy who teaches first grade at Trenton Elementary told board members she had purchased Hot Dots for an additional student center in her classroom. Hot Dots covers a wide variety of subjects such as reading, math, science and social studies. She has individual kits tailored for students on their level. The Hot Dots pen signals students when they get a right answer. Ms. Guy made a Power Point presentation about Hot Dots and thanked the board for the grant money.
Sandra Carawan of Bell Elementary who teaches 5th grade math purchased a refrigerator for her team to use. She also used some of the money to buy candy as testing motivation for the seven days of State Assessments testing. She also purchased soda, chips, and candy bars for testing motivation on IRReady diagnostic tests for English and math testing near the end of the school year.
Thomas Cannon who teaches 8th grade at Bell Middle School explained that he had used the money as an academic incentive program. Cannon said one award would be given for top score on the 8th grade FSA ELA Reading Assessment. The other nine awards would be based on academic growth in reading and language arts. The baseline was the students’ scaled score for the 7th grade FSA reading test. Like its 8th grade counterpart, this score encompassed both the FSA writing and assessment and the FSA reading assessment.
Cannon said he had reminded his students often about the cash awards to motivate his students throughout the year. Cannon feels that one of his most academically challenged classes was particularly motivated once he explained to them that due to their hard work this year that their class was likely to have many winners in the growth department. Cannon said he was anxious for test results to return to validate my speculation.
After the test results come in Cannon asked if the awards program is successful he would like to see the Education Foundation to consider funding this awards program throughout the school district.