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Ribbon Cutting held at Tri County Metals new Standing Seam Facility

Tri County Metals has opened a new Standing Seam Facility in Trenton adjacent to the main production center. The owners Chris and Betsy Weatherilt picked Thursday, August 1, to hold a ribbon cutting for the new Standing Seam Facility.
Their business began back in 2003 and expanded when they purchased Tri County Metals on July 2, 2007. At that time they had one location and eight employees. Twelve years later they have over 95 employees, and locations not only in Trenton but also in Live Oak, Ocala, Tallahasee, Brooksville and DeLand. Recently they added a new business office just west of Trenton.
The new Standing Seam Facility will enable both contractor customers and homeowner customers improved availability, service and delivery of our standing seam product offerings.
“By centralizing our standing seam operations into one facility, we now have a greater ability to deliver high quality, on time, crated roofing packages to our valued contractor customers,” said Huck Murray, Standing Seam Coordinator at Tri County Metals.
Many customers have already benefited from the opening of the new Standing Seam Facility. Brent Dickson with TJB Construction, a licensed roofing contractor serving customers in the panhandle, recently received several orders from our new Standing Seam Facility and his experience illustrates how Tri County Metals anticipates this new facility will impact the majority of their contractor customers.
“I can get my product a lot faster now with the new crating and delivery thanks to the new standing seam facility. Turnaround time and speed are greatly improved,” said Brent Dickson of TJB Construction, a Tri County Metals customer.
The new Standing Seam Facility is an initiative driven by customer feedback and is part of Tri County Metals’ commitment to provide the very best product and services to their clients. They are currently accepting orders for production at the new Standing Seam Facility.
Founded in 2004, Tri County Metals is a statewide leader in customer service, innovation and metal roofing products. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to provide its customers with the knowledge, tools and products to accomplish their projects on time, complete and at a fair price.
For more information on the new Standing Seam Facility go to TriCountyMetals.com.
The Weatherhilts live just outside Trenton and their sons Pierson and Bryce attend school at Trenton Elementary School and play sports with the Gilchrist League.