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Fishing For Success with the Bell Senior FFA

By Carleigh Newsom
On September 14th, FFA advisor Mr. Bill Martin took some of his Bell FFA Officers to the University of Florida pond where they volunteered at the Fishing for Success event which was taking place. This event is put on by the University of Florida and is used to education people on aquatic life.
The officer members did tasks such as working a hands on educational display for the children which showed some of the organisms present in pond ecosystems and running registration where they made sure everyone was informed on the activities and the workings of the pond.
The officers also assisted in the background by, cutting up bait, helping fix poles that had been sent to “the pole hospital” and even helped organize things for future events. This event is so great because it is open to all the public, those who are experts on fishing and those who are not, this event accommodates all by providing all the tools and help necessary to have a successful fishing day. Bell FFA was glad to help educate and show the ropes to some. They assisted in helping some cast and unhook fish. A few of the officers even worked to unhook two turtles that had accidentally been caught.
After clean up the officer team met a student of the University who is working on his masters and doing aquaculture research on the grounds of the pond. Here the team learned about how untapped the commodity of aquaculture is and even got up close and personal with some of the research they are doing on sturgeons.
All in all the Bell Senior FFA had a great day helping out with the University of Florida.

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