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Harmony Pregnancy Center lending a hand to hurricane victims at Camp Anderson

By Cindy Jo Ayers
Each year many donations of clothing, toys, diapers and supplies are given to Harmony Pregnancy Center in Chiefland by area citizens. Megan Hall, the Director at the center, with the help of volunteers, began processing the extra items of clothing and other essential supplies to pass on to those in need after a disaster several months ago. Most of the donations are used for the Harmony clients but often they have an overflow of useful items. Hall collects those extras throughout the year and with the help of volunteers they wash, fold, and sort the clothing items so they can be sent to those in need. This process started about three years ago when there was a hurricane in the Carolinas. Last year they sent clothing and supplies to the panhandle after hurricane Michael hit.
Last week the Harmony Pregnancy Center sent boxes of sorted clothing, umbrella strollers and pack and plays (baby beds) to Camp Anderson, a Christian Youth Camp and Retreat near Old Town, for the 50 or so hurricane victims from the Bahamas. The Bahamians began arriving at the end of last week. All total the pregnancy center sent 22 boxes of clothing, baby bottles, medicine and other much needed supplies to Camp Anderson.
Hall said it has now become a yearly summer habit for the pregnancy center group to gather clothing and supplies so they can be sorted and packed when the next disaster happens. Hall said, “It’s not a matter of if a disaster will happen, but when it will happen.”
The Harmony Pregnancy Center helps about 58 clients a month at the center in Chiefland. Sometimes it’s not only young mothers they help, but fathers and even great grand parents who are raising their grandchildren. “We love to help our clients become accountable and grow to have a better life,” Hall said.
Hall believes helping victims of disasters by supplying needed items is another way for the Center to help not only this area, but our state, country and even the world.
Megan Hall has been the center’s director for almost four years.
She also said that it blesses her heart to help those in need. Although it can at times be heartbreaking as in the case of hurricane Dorian, which took almost everything the citizens of the Bahamas had. The center is still accepting donations for hurricane Dorian victims.
The center is supported partly by the churches in the Harmony Baptist Association, which includes most of the Baptist Churches in the Tri-County area.
Harmony Pregnancy & Resource Center, is located at 721 NE 4th Street in Chiefland, FL 32626. The Center’s hours are Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.