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Gilchrist County moves forward with design of new Jail

By John Ayers
The Gilchrist County Commission listened as Will Rutherford of CRA Architects gave the board and public an update review of the design phases of the proposed Gilchrist County Jail during the Commission’s meeting on Monday, October 7. Rutherford pointed out that the firm has completed the three phases of design for the remodeling of the existing Gilchrist County Jail. The current design fits into a portion of the existing jail facility, as the new complex will have rooms for medical treatment area and several other needs that the current jail facility does not have.
Rutherford explained that the new facility is designed to house 124 beds and have the capacity to add an additional 24 beds for a maximum of 148 inmates in the future.
Sheriff Schultz was asked what is the current average count of inmates kept in the jail facility. He explained that Gilchrist County averages 60 inmates with 32 housed in the Gilchrist County Jail and 28 are housed in the Dixie County Correctional facility.
The representative from Clemons, Rutherford and Associates architect group of Tallahassee showed the public attending the meeting an architectural rendering of the new facility as it currently appears as a pre-engineered metal building. He pointed out that this type of design is the most cost efficient type of building available at this time.
Bobby Crosby, Gilchrist County Administrator told the Commission that the $200K grant that Gilchrist County received will currently pay the architect for this design phase of construction. Mr. Rutherford explained that a complete print out of the design phase plans is available in the County Administrator’s office.
Commissioner Thomas made a motion to approve the current design phase of the jail construction and move forward with the next phase of the construction design. Commissioner Poitevint gave a second to the motion. The Commission voted 5-0 to approve the motion.
Mr. Crosby asked Mr. Rutherford for a time line on further construction phase documents that will be produced by the Tallahassee based architect firm. Mr. Rutherford pointed out that within three months the group would be able to provide a complete budget print-out of the jail construction to the Gilchrist County Commission.