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Trenton FFA Alumni unveils sign in front of THS honoring past State Officers

By Cindy Jo Ayers
FFA members, Alumni, past Trenton High School State Officers, families and friends gathered to view the new FFA sign installed last week in front of the high school office.
The large group heard of the many accomplishments of officers from this county during the evening. The reunion of sorts brought out families of deceased State Officers and Past State Officers as well as the current State FFA Officer.
Hallie George, Alumni member, was instrumental in suggesting the sign at an Alumni meeting over a year ago. Cheryl Young was credited with having the signs made and Kimberly Hines was thanked for organizing the reception after the program.
John Herrington served as Master of Ceremonies for the event. It was stated that for a small town, Trenton has had a lot of State Officers and the Alumni is very proud of that accomplishment. In the recent years, Trenton High has had a state officer in 2014, 2015, 2018, and 2019. All total there have been sixteen state FFA Officers starting with Austin Martin who was the State FFA Secretary 1931-32. Currently Lauren Roberts is serving as a Vice President for the year 2019-2020.
The Alumni feel that obtaining a position as a FFA State Officer is just as important as winning any other state title. So the sign honoring all the Trenton FFA State Officers was installed.
Former officers that attended were Horace Quincey 1958-59, Bill Douberly 1982-83, Scott Osteen 1993-94, Austin Polk 2014-15, and Justus Jones 2018-19 who all served as Vice Presidents as well as Lauren Roberts who is currently serving. Lauren is also the first female from Trenton FFA ever elected to a state office.
Terry Parrish 1985-86 and his son Brooks Parrish 2015-16 both served as State Presidents.
Superintendent Robert Rankin recognized Trenton’s rich tradition as an FFA chapter saying, “It is a premier chapter year in and year out. These young FFA leaders are wholesome and the finest people you will ever meet.”
Each person who served as a State Officer or the family of a former State Officer was recognized during the program. Several former officers told stories about their year of service. Justus Jones thanked the advisors for pushing him and his fellow members. Jones said, “I would not have been a State Officer without the help of Thoron and Rucker.”
After the program, Wyatt Rodgers blessed the food and everyone had a nice time visiting and sharing old stories as well as enjoying slices of homemade cakes and punch.