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Commissioner Todd Gray will not seek re-election

County Commissioner Todd Gray submitted this letter to the Gilchrist County Journal this week that stated he would not seek re-election to the County Commission.
Thank you, Gilchrist County Citizens for allowing me to serve you as the District 3 County Commissioner for the past 7+ years. As I look to finish the final year of my second term with the best effort possible, I thought it was only proper to announce my intentions to not seek reelection in November of 2020. Serving the residents of this county has been an honor and a privilege, as well as a very humbling experience. While I could attempt to list accomplishments, it would only be fair to share any credit received with my fellow commissioners. We may not have always agreed on all of the issues but the debate has been honest and sincere. I truly believe that the Gilchrist County Commission is doing the best we can to make financially sound decisions for the taxpayers based upon the information we have available. So many times I have been called, stopped on the street, cornered in church, or attacked on Facebook for a decision that was made by the commission, or a position that I took individually. While our local paper does an excellent job reporting the business of the board, there is only so much that can be conveyed in print. Many times, there is much more to the discussion in the public meeting that allows us to make an informed decision. I understand it is difficult for many to make these meetings, but this is where you can be a part of the process, before decisions are made.
I also want to take this opportunity to thank our hard-working County employees that seldom get recognized for their efforts. They carry out the tough task of delivering the services the residents expect and many times take the brunt of the criticism. I believe the vast majority of our citizens appreciate the hard work and dedication of our employees and I want to encourage them in their dedication to their job with Gilchrist County.
Whether you are considering a run for a local office, or a resident that wants to see more out of your government, I encourage you to get involved in the process (attend the CC meetings, provide your opinion, volunteer for an advisory board, etc.). Let’s continue to keep Gilchrist County a place we can all be proud to call home!
Todd Gray, Chairman
Gilchrist County Commissioner,
District 3