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January 2, 2020 Legals

Notice is hereby given that the School Board of Gilchrist County, Florida intends to adopt new rules, and revise and/or amend existing rules of the Board after a public hearing, as follows:
a. 3.06 Safe and Secure Schools
b. 4.01 Student Progression Plan
c. 4.025 Academic and Career Planning
d. 5.05 Requirements for Original Entry
e. 5.101/D Bullying and Harassment
f. 5.12 Expulsion of Students
g. 5.13 Zero Tolerance for School Related Crimes
h. 5.25 Student Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Communication Devices
i. 5.40 Children of Military Families – New
j. 6.19 Certification of Administrative and Instructional Personnel
k. 8.01-Option 2 Safety
Copies of the proposed new rules and revised and/or amended existing rules are available for inspection and copying by the public at the Superintendent’s office, 310 NW 11th Avenue, Trenton, Florida. Copies of all or any of the rules may be purchased at the cost of reproduction which is estimated at $.25 per page.
The purpose of adopting new rules and revising and amending existing rules is to bring the rules up to date and discard and unnecessary rules.
This revision and adoption of new rules will not have any adverse economic impact on any person.
Specific authority for these adopted rules are Florida Statutes 1001.41, 1001.42(17), F.S. 1001.11, 1001.43, 1008.22, 1008.34, 1008.385, 1010.01, 1010.04, 1011.01-1011.18 24, 1013.61, F.S. 6A-1.002, 6A-1.004, 6A-1.006, 6A-1.007, 6A-1.0071..
A public hearing will be held on the proposed adopted new rules and revised and/or amended existing rules at 4:15 P.M. on January 14, 2020 at the School Board Meeting at the Gilchrist County School Board meeting room at 310 NW 11th Ave. Trenton, FL 32693.
All interested persons are advised that any person desiring to appeal any decision made by the board as to any matter considered at said hearing will need to ensure that a verbatim record is made of the proceeding, which record must include all of the testimony and evidence presented.
Pub. November 28, 2019 - January 16, 2020

Notice of Construction of New Lattice Tower, Tarpon Towers II, LLC proposes to construct a 250-foot lattice tower. The tower will be lit with a medium-intensity dual red and white lighting system. The tower will be located at 4040 NE County Road 340, High Springs, Gilchrist County, Florida. Interested persons may review the application online at www.fcc.gov/asr/applications by entering the Form 854 File Number A1150468. Interested persons may raise environmental concerns about the proposed structure by filing a Request for Environmental Review with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).The FCC strongly encourages interested parties to file Requests for Environmental Review Online. Instructions for making such filing can be found online at www.fcc.gov/asr/environmentalrequest. The mailing address for interested parties, that would prefer to file a Request for Environmental Review by paper copy is FCC Request for Environmental Review, Attn: Ramon Williams, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554.
Pub. January 2, 2020

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