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Cheri Brodeur announces her candidacy for Gilchrist County Superintendent of Schools

My name Dr. Cheri Winton Brodeur and I am running for the Gilchrist County superintendent of schools. I taught at Bell High School from the mid 80’s to the late 90’s. I also co-wrote the Bell Health Academy grant including the design of the curriculum and the layout of the health academy building which is still producing outstanding students.
I left Bell for the University of Florida and got my PhD while working full time as the coordinator of the UF Program Development and Evaluation Center. I was elected Chair of the faculty Senate which represents all faculty on the campus and was also elected to the UF Board of Trustees which is the governing board for the University including Shands Medical Center. I served on the UF Police Department advisory committee and was always mindful of the safety and security of 52,000 UF students. Although I became emeritus in 2015 I am still involved in research and grant writing. My PhD is in Leadership specializing in organizational structure, conflict resolution and change strategy. I am considered an expert in the area of team interaction and conflict.
Gilchrist county schools are an integral part of the communities and if elected I plan to continue the traditions that are so important. At the same time I want to be sure our students are prepared for a changing future. I want to increase opportunities for students interested in vocational training. I would like to work toward a vocational track that has students ready upon graduation for apprenticeships and/or certification in a multitude of vocational careers. Not every student is interested in a college career nor should we expect that but we want to be sure that all students have opportunities to make a good living, to be well rounded, and continue to live and work in the community.
As A+ schools I believe we have great teachers but we need to strive towards better pay to both retain and hire the best. I would work towards this goal both locally and on the state and federal levels.
Finally, and most importantly, is the need for continued vigilantes in the security and safety of our children and staff. I’d work closely with the Sheriff and others to stay at the cutting edge of protection. Without the safety of our children nothing else matters.

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