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Education Foundation’s Walk-A-Thon a very successful event

Teams from all four schools in Gilchrist County were on hand to lead off the Education Foundation of Gilchrist County’s Walk-A-Thon on Saturday, February 1.
This year’s event began at the Trenton Depot with teams walking and running on the Greenway to the west. The event started with Presley Pauling of Bell High School leading the pledge while Bell JROTC presented the colors, Sidney Roberts of Trenton High School sang the National Anthem and Will Deen of Trenton High  opened the  event with prayer. Each of the county’s Teachers of the Year received a check for $500 from the Education Foundation as Teacher Mini Grants. The Teachers of the Year are Amanda Jones-Carlson of Trenton Elementary, Joy Railey of Bell Elementary, Tiffany VunCannon of Trenton  Middle/High and Lynette Langford of Bell Middle/High.
This year’s event raised the second highest amount in the Walk-A-Thon’s history with $18,500 which is second only to 2018 when $20,000 was raised. Damon Leggett, the President of the Education Foundation said, “We are very pleased with this year’s participation, everyone came together to make this one of the best Walk-A-Thons yet.”
Capital City Bank raised the most of any business with $3,700, so they are the winner of the rotating Business Trophy.
The staff of Bell Elementary held several fundraisers including collecting donations in honor of their former Principal Sherry Lindsey. Bell Elementary raised the most money of any team this year and were proud to turn in a total of $3,900.
The Fun Run winners were Denny George coming in first place and Brad Surrency placing second. The Bell Track Team took all four places in the student division of the fun run. Nathan Gray placed first winning $100, Savana Thomas placed second winning $50, Sabrina Holmes placed third winning $25 and Marc Exendine placed fourth and also took home a $25 prize. The prize money for the Fun Run was donated by Palms Medical Group and Smith Law/Smith Assets Management.
The Education Foundation would like to thank Hitchcocks’ Foodway for donating the hot dogs and buns. They would also like to thank the City of Trenton for donating the use of the Trenton Depot for the event and Palms Medical Group for providing water for the participants.