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Bell Running Dawgs Compete in Invitational Event

On Saturday February 29th two of Bell High school girls Track Team participated in The Oak Hall Invitational which is held at Oak Hall High School Yearly. This year senior sprinter Kerrisa Grieves, and freshman sprinter Jaden Riess took to the challenge to compete. Both runners are top in our districts, and both hold Bell High school records. They competed in the 100- meter and 200-meter events. 16 teams from all over the region competed in the events, most schools were larger non district schools of 2A, 3A and larger schools. Kerrisa Grieves took 4th in the 100 meters with a 12.67 and Jaden Riess took 5th with a 12.69. Which both are 1st and 2nd in our 1A District. The 200 meter event was very similar with Kerrisa Grieves taking 3rd with a 26.09 and Jaden Riess coming in 4th with a 26.53 still 1st and 2nd in 1A Districts. Both girls are top in our Regional and top 5 in the State for 1A.