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Fanning Springs to hold Special Election May 12th

The City of Fanning Springs, FL will hold a Special Election on May 12, 2020, or if a primary election is required, it will be held on Tuesday, April 28, 2020. This Special Election will be held to fill the vacant seats of Group 2 and Group 5 Councilmen in Fanning Springs.
Resolution 2020-02 identifies the Florida Statutes require the closing of the registration books 29 days prior to said election. If a primary election is required, registration books will close March 30, 2020 and if an election is required on May 12, 2020, to remain closed until 7 p.m. on May 12, 2020.
Any citizen of Fanning Springs that is qualified may become a candidate for either of the two council seats by paying the qualifying fee of $120.00 including the State of Florida Assessment fee of 1% of the annual salary, filling the Oath of office and completing other forms required with the City Clerk at the Fanning Springs City Hall during the office hours beginning at 8 a.m. March 23, 2020 through March 26, 2020 at 4 p.m.