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Local family loses young lambs to predators

Johnny and Sandi Johnson awoke on Sunday, March 1, to find eight of their young lambs dead.
The Johnsons live near Bethel Baptist Church on County Road 313 about six miles West of Trenton.
The Johnson’s raise Cameroon Sheep, a meat sheep, to sell at market once a year. The Johnson have 15 ewes and have been raising sheep for the past five years.
Johnny expected this to be their best year yet for Spring lambing but sadly some form of predators have been attacking their newly born lambs for the past month. They have found one or two dead at a time for the past few weeks but last Sunday, was their worst attack with eight lambs being killed.
They have a three year old Great Pyrenees, which is a large breed of dog used as a livestock guardian dog. But, Johnson said he had tied the dog up the night they lost so many lambs. He is unsure what animal is killing his lambs, but guesses it might be a pack of dogs or coyotes.
Johnson said, “I just want to warn others who might have livestock in the area, so they can protect their animals.”