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Down on the Farm Fun at Red, White and Blues Farm

Looking for a fun day in the sun with your family? The Red, White & Blues Farm would be a great place to visit. Eighty beautiful acres of sweet blueberries are just a few miles away between Bronson and Williston.
The farm has eight varieties of blueberries to choose from and visitors to the farm are encouraged to taste them all while out in the field picking. Varieties of blueberries include Windsor, Emerald, Primadonna, Sweetcrisp, Springhigh, Farthing, Jewel, and Meadowlark.
The nice gentleman welcoming visitors to the farm not only gave out buckets, but advice on which type berries were the sweetest. The farm is completely set up for families to have fun while returning home with lots of sweet blueberries. After families picked all the blueberries they wanted, the children were drawn to a sunflower patch where they can pose for a photo or pick a few flowers to take home. Some children really enjoy running free on the farm and playing on the playground.
The farm has lots of picnic tables shaded by large oaks for families to enjoy their treats from Papa and GiGi’s Cafe.  The cafe features such items as barbecue pork sandwiches and chicken salad sandwiches. Children enjoy hot dogs or a grilled cheese from their menu. You can also purchase a made to order blueberry milk shake or a blueberry sundae at the farm. Their blueberry donuts are rumored to be  really good also. Visitors can purchase a blueberry pie, or blueberry cobbler to take home from the cafe.
Hand washing and lots of social distancing are encouraged by the owners of the farm. They also promote a great way for families to enjoy the great outdoors while supporting Florida agriculture.
The owners of the Red, White & Blues stated “We are so grateful that we are an essential business, and are able to stay open and provide you all with fresh produce. Our farm is a vast 80 acres, so there is plenty of room for you and the family to pick berries while still practicing social distancing. We have also taken extensive precautions to ensure everyone’s safety! So come on out and feel the sun on your face, enjoy a homemade lunch and pick yourself some baby blues!”
The farm is nine years old and not only do they sell to the public as a Upick operation, they also sell from a commercial packing shed. On Friday a large semi was loading berries to transport to other areas of the state.
The farm is open to the public Tuesday-Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Upick Blueberries are  $5 a pound or you can buy two pounds of  pre-picked berries for $12. The farm is located at 3250 NE 140th Ave. Williston, Florida 32696 or about halfway between Bronson and Williston (140th Ave is next to  BP Convenience store).