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Local McDonald’s providing meal to first responders until May 5

The owners of the Trenton, Chiefland, Cross City and Williston McDonald’s restaurants will be providing meals to all emergency personnel or first responders until May 5. The area McDonald’s started providing the meals on April 22 from all their locations.
Kenneth Kocian one of the owners, who is a retired first responder himself from NYPD, remembers well the plight of being a first responder on 9/11 while working at the World Trade Center afterward.
Mr. and Mrs. Kocian are pleased to offer these meals as a way of support to the local emergency personnel and first responders.
Through the years the Trenton McDonald’s has provided coffee with a cop once a year and other activities to support local law  enforcement. Kocian said, “This is our way of saying Thank You to them as they are going through this stressful time. It is our small way of taking care of them.”
The free breakfast meal will be a choice of Egg McMuffin, Chicken McGriddles or Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuit. Lunch and supper will be a Double Cheeseburger, six piece McNuggets or Filet-o-Fish. Each meal will be served in a Happy Meal box with a Thank You note attached.
The Trenton McDonald’s is located at 209 E Wade Street in Trenton.