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After 40 years at Best Drugs Theresa Gentry is retiring

Many Gilchrist County citizens will be sad to hear that longtime pharmacy tech Theresa Gentry has officially retired from Best Drugs in Trenton.
Gentry started her job when she was in her mid 20s in 1980. She was hired by Larry Diaz, who owned the local drug store in Trenton, as a part time clerk.
In the beginning she worked with Mrs. Ruby Browning who trained her. Gentry said, “I was very close to Miss Ruby, she was a woman of wisdom.” Working with Miss Ruby was one of the best parts of her job in the early years. She went on to say she learned a lot about how to treat customers from Miss Ruby.
Many local citizens quickly became her favorite customers at the drug store, such as Grace and Stacy Quincey, Miss Alice White, Rufus and Elizabeth Beauchamp, Gertrude Richardson and Marguerite Read. Through the years not only did Gentry have a lot of great customers, many local folks believed that Gentry was the only person at the drug store who could help them.
During her years working at Best Drugs one of the most interesting things that happened while working there was meeting Mitchell Gentry. They later married and will be celebrating their 38th Anniversary in July.
When Ayers Health and Rehabilitation Center opened in Trenton in 1982, the local drug store filled all the residents prescriptions at that time. Diaz asked Gentry to become a Pharmacy Tech and take care of the Ayers prescriptions.
As the years rolled by Diaz sold the drug store to SouthCare, a company from Georgia. They built a new Best Drugs building on Hwy. 26 shortly after they purchased the business. A couple years later  Gentry began running the gift shop inside of Best Drugs. She said learning about gift lines and going to gift markets in Atlanta to buy for the store was rewarding and a little scary at the same time. But after a while, she became more familiar with what local customers liked and has enjoyed running the gift shop over the past few years.
Gentry said, “This job has been all about the people that I have served while working here. I have loved the relationships that have formed beyond words.” She went on to say, “I have had a very blessed career.”
The Best Drugs customers who Gentry has helped all through the years will be happy to learn that she and Mitchell are building a new home in Northeast Gilchrist County. The move from their home near Hart Springs will make them much closer to their grandchildren. She reports that she is looking forward to having more time to be a Granny.  She is very excited to be living closer to their children Steven and Leah, and their families.
Over the next few months Gentry has agreed to stay on at Best Drugs working only a couple days a week until her position can be filled.
Theresa and Mitchell are planning to travel more during their retirement years. They are currently finalizing plans to take a much awaited vacation to the state of Alaska.