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Covid 19 cases being followed in Tri-County Area on Monday

As of Monday, May 4, there were 35 Covid 19 cases in the Tri-County area which includes Gilchrist, Levy and Dixie Counties. Of those 35 people a total 19 people had been cleared to return to public interaction, according to Wesley Asbell of the Florida Department of Health.
Gilchrist County has had 5 people with Covid 19, of those 5 cases 4 have been cleared. The Health Department has followed 31 people who were in contact with the 5 cases and of those 31 who had contact, 25 have been released from monitoring after a two week period.
Levy County had 21 cases of Covid 19 on May 4, a total of 10 of those cases have completed their isolation period. As of this week 89 people who had come in contact with those 21 people with Covid 19 were followed for two weeks and now 41 of those are released from monitoring.
In Dixie County they have had 10 cases of Covid 19, of those 10 cases 5 have completed their isolation period. A total of 81 contacts were followed and 54 of those people have completed their observation period of two weeks.
Asbell said after an individual has a positive Covid 19 test everyone that they come into close contact with are asked to isolate themselves and they are followed for a period of 14 days. If those individualsĀ  show no signs of the Covid 19, then they are released from monitoring. This is called Contact Tracing which is standard procedure that the Health Department has done for years. Since the Covid 19 outbreak in the Tri-County Area, the Health Department has followed some 201 people who came in contact with individuals who had Covid 19.

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