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COVID-19 Drive through testing in Gilchrist this week

Drive through testing took place this week in Gilchrist County. Trenton testing was held near the bus loop by the new gym. Gilchrist, Levy and Dixie County Health Department employees were at three stations collecting information and performing the test around 8:30 on Tuesday, May 26. Nurse Elizabeth Powers said that in the first hours of testing they did about 40 COVID-19 tests. She also reported the Gilchrist County Health Department was testing citizens at 9 a.m. each morning almost daily.
The Health Department team traveled to Bell on Wednesday, May 27 to do drive through testing at the bus loop at Bell High School from 3 to 6 p.m.
Ralph Smith, the Gilchrist County Emergency Management Chief, reported on Tuesday there have been a total of 11 Covid-19 cases with 4 active cases at this time. Of the 4 active cases, 3 live in SW Gilchrist County and 1 lives in NW Gilchrist County.
The Florida Health Department has held 4 drive through testings in Levy and 3 in Dixie. It was reported that two residents of Dixie County who tested positive for COVID-19 have passed away, both had preexisting conditions.
On Monday morning there had been 563 tests performed in Gilchrist County.
Florida has 50,127 cases of COVID-19.