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Stolen truck recovered from Suwannee River in Gilchrist County

A stolen truck was recovered from the Suwannee River on Saturday, May 16. The truck was  reported to be stolen from Levy County.
Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office Deputies arrived at the Gilchrist side of the Suwannee River after they were notified by a boater that saw a man drive a truck into the river. Levy Sheriff’s Office Dive Team, Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office, and FWC were on the scene for hours trying to retrieve the vehicle. It was dumped in the river in a very remote location in the Fanning Springs area in Gilchrist County.
Air bags were attached to the truck and the vehicle was brought to the water’s surface and then pulled to a safe location to be pulled out.
On Saturday, May 16, Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz said, “We have identified a suspect in the case and the investigation is on going.”
On Sunday, May 17, 2020 Levy County Deputies were surveilling residences in the Fanning Springs area. Deputies spoke to a homeowner who not only confirmed William Lancaster was inside the home asleep, but also gave our deputies permission to go inside and get him. William Lancaster was passed out on the couch. Once awakened by Corporal Jeremy Dean and Deputy Al Horne, instead of surrendering peacefully, Lancaster decided to run. His efforts were quickly interrupted by Corporal Dean who tackled him to the ground. He began to struggle to escape from Corporal Dean’s grasp. Corporal Dean had most of this situation under control and Deputy Horne came to assist. When Lancaster meets Deputy Horne he makes yet another bad decision and grabs Deputy Horne by his bullet proof vest and tries to throw him down, to no avail.
Lancaster was searched after he was handcuffed. Inside of his pockets deputies found pills and needles. Lancaster confessed he had taken some of his pills along with some meth just prior to deputies getting there. The drugs he ingested apparently caused him to pass out. Deputies quickly gave Lancaster a dose of Narcan which they carry on their duty belt, to bring him back around. EMS was contacted and recommended he be taken to the hospital for follow-up treatment.
Lancaster is currently being held at the Levy County Detention Facility. He has been charged with drug offenses and battery on deputies as well as his previous crime of domestic battery. His bond has not yet been assigned.
It is suspected William drove the truck into the river to conceal it and attempt to destroy evidence. Levy County Detectives are asking anyone that saw Lancaster in possession of this truck to please contact Detective Justin Douglas at 352-486-5111.